Oh, the places you’ll go! Brunswick Women’s VL1 Season Wrap-Up

As read out at Vote Count Saturday night, here’s my Dr Seuss take on our season. Enjoy!

Today is the day!
The season has started!
Brunswick’s off and away!

Except when we don’t
Because sometimes we won’t
Because sometimes… the season starts with a bye…

But things start to happen, and frequently do
And before you know it here comes round two
At the State Hockey Centre, St Kilda our foe
We lose 6-0, we’re full of sadness and woe.

Dawson St at its finest

Round three comes along, we’re off to Geelong!
It’s opener there in the wide open air
We even lead for a while, the team starts to smile…
We have two whole goals, one a Jessi-toma-freestyle
But more goals sneak in,
We say goodbye to a win
And end up losing 3-2
And Brunswick was blue.

We looked up and down streets, we did so with care
About some we say I choose to play there
Back to old Dawson Street; hooray! A home game!
To play against Casey, young Megsy took aim…
And scored from a stroke!
But it was time for the choke
Two late goals from Casey… too soon we spoke.

Time to bounce back, get the season on track
Destination La Trobe – oh the places we go
A second stroke for young Vincent and a goal for new Luce
Finally three points and Brunswick’s let loose!

With our heads full of brains and hockey shoes full of feet
We’re smart enough to return to dandy Dawson St
A half-time spray from Nicole gives Brunswick the kick
Two second half goals sees a win v West Vic.

Brunswick brains in our heads
Brunswick feet in our shoes
We can steer ourselves any direction we choose
We like it at Brunswick
Cos we love our ground
But we mostly like all the hockey people around
Up against Knox, another second half blitz
Brunswick really likes winning, it does seem to fit
Two goals for Bridge and Amanda got one
Three points in the bag, this winning is fun!

After celebrations for her Majesty the Queen
With many birthdays all around us, we get with the hockey scene
But we may not find that we’ll want to go down
Heading south out of Melbourne to old Frankston town
To lose 5-0, we could have just stayed at home
And given the forfeit and saved on petrol costs

Sometimes rhyming gets in the way of an important environmental message.

The last team we play, in the first home and away
Is CV Blazers who’ve come a long way
But they don’t seem to show it
They can play and they know it
Too slow out the gate, a consolation goal too late
A 2-1 defeat; sad team and sad Date.

Going back to the start, with renewed spirit and heart
We skip through the bye, we don’t fall apart
Then St Kilda up next, the pre-game chat is such
That the coach literally says “Don’t lose by as much.”

And you’ll see that we didn’t, only five goals were scored
And we even got two Brunswick goals on the board.

Then at home v Geelong, things ticking along,
We got the first goal! The team’s feeling strong!
Forget that Geelong finished up getting four
Our confidence is growing, we’re feeling top drawer!

We’re not lagging behind, we know we have speed
We head down to Casey and we soon take the lead
We never forget to be dexterous and deft
And never mix up our right foot with our left

Except if you’re Rachel, whose right foot got broke
But with a win v Casey, to dream of finals is no joke.

Doing the maths on the kms to travel for the last few rounds of the season for VL1 and Masters…

Chances galore go begging v La Trobe
But we finally make good – we’re conquering the globe!
Out to Ballarat, it’s freezing but fun,
Diversity reigns, and the game is won.

We next visit Knox, even though Wendy was late
She got lost when driving, thanks to Coach Date.
Jenna’s debut started well with a goal to boot!
A 4-1 win goes our way, and the pub crawl’s a hoot.

Keira’s finger however is a minor disaster.
The dislocation got fixed, but it’s still in a plaster.

Two games to go, Finals’ still on the cards
Last game at home, Mornington come at us hard.
The girls are determined and hold strong at the back
Despite Mo-town goals, we still keep on track
And get a goal back… we work hard but in vain.
It wasn’t to be; it’s down to the last game.

Oh, the places you’ll go!
Geelong, Ballarat, Frankston, and now Bendigo!
We could be on our way
We could be seeing great sights
We could join the high fliers who soar to high heights!

Except when you don’t.
Because sometimes, you won’t.

Team… we nearly moved mountains
So… be your name…  Nicole, Keira, Megsy, Tubby, Adele, Jenna, Tash, Bakes, Wendy, Bee, Bridge, Zoe, Jessi, Grinners, Fiona, Mush, Eliza, Lynnie, Alex, Amanda, Ceitlin, Lucinda…. Or Maggie O’Shea
We went off to some great places!
It was nearly our day.

With the season behind us, and new places to find,
The next mountain is waiting; Brunswick, fly high!

Fly high – to rainbows and beyond

One thought on “Oh, the places you’ll go! Brunswick Women’s VL1 Season Wrap-Up

  1. Ah, the inner Seuss no sham,,
    of cat on hat and green eggs & ham

    Of travellin’ Wickers, goals & wham.
    Reading, smiling drinking a dram.
    Impressed young Rach, that I am. 🎩🍹

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